Hotel and Properties 4 and 5 Star Hotels Still Rule Bali

The growth of hotel budget supply in Bali is relatively stagnant. Until the end of the first quarter of this year, there is no addition of new hotels on the Island of the Gods.

Senior Associate Director of Research of Colliers International Indonesia Ferry Salanto explains, stagnation of budget hotel growth because developers prefer to build four and five star hotels.

"Until now, the total budget hotel room available is still 3,258 rooms from 29 hotels," Ferry said in a discussion in Jakarta, Monday (07/11/2017).

Until 2019, the estimated number of four and five star hotels will still continue to grow.

In the second quarter of 2017 alone, there are four new four-star hotels in operation.

In addition, the number of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels operating in Bali reached 522 hotels with 54,757 rooms.

There are also details, 15,730 rooms from 217 three star hotels, 22,494 rooms from 183 four star hotels, and 19,038 rooms from 122 five star hotels.

Tourists Rise

Meanwhile, the number of tourists who will stay at the hotel is expected to continue to rise. Tourists from China still dominate the number of tourists visiting Bali.

Bali Tourism Office even shows the growth of Chinese tourists until the end of April 2017 by 61.8 percent compared to the previous year, to 511,773 people.

Along with that, a number of international flights to Bali are planned to be opened.

"Qantas and Garuda Indonesia plan to add flights to attract Australian tourists and Qatar Airways and Emirates are also planning to add flight routes to Bali in the third quarter of this year," Ferry said.