Russia SOE Business Start Shipping 200,000 Barrels Premium to Pertamina

Russia's state-owned companies in the energy sector, Rosneft Group through Rosneft Trading SA has started delivery of the first cargo of premium for the Asia-Pacific region.
A total of 200,000 barrels of premium is sent to the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) PT Pertamina (Persero) as a follow-up agreement signed by both companies in June.
"This delivery marks a historic achievement for Rosneft. It was the first company to send premium for the Asia-Pacific region. Despite the competition of the oil market is quite tight, Rosneft Trading SA has managed to expand the global market, to trade the products of hydrocarbon-owned Rosneft Group," wrote Rosneft in his official statement on Thursday (08/04/2016).
According to reports, Rosneft sees great potential for developing the market in Indonesia.
Indonesia is one of the largest importers of premium in the Asia-Pacific region.
The first premium delivery is the first step of the company's strategy to meet market demand.
"The next step of this long-term development is a deeper engagement in the refinery project," wrote Rosneft.
Vice President Corporate Communications Pertamina Wianda Pusponegoro Kompas.com confirmed Thursday afternoon confirmed the news premium delivery by Rosneft.
"True, Rosneft is one of the winning bidder mogas 88 (premium). By contracting one cargo per month, a total of 200,000 barrels," said Wianda.
Rosneft and Pertamina has signed a six-month term contract with the delivery of a total of 1.2 million barrels.
In addition, the two companies also agreed in Tuban refinery, with a capacity of 15 million tons per year.